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Some of my Fave IG Accounts

I love Instagram.

It's the social media account that I use the most and I honestly find it to be the most beneficial for both business and leisure.

My line up of accounts that I like to check out daily tends to change every now and then but here are some of my face IG accounts that I'm really digging lately.

"The Maker" Series | Volume 2: Cream and Concrete

Meet Kaitlan.

She is the owner and maker behind Cream and Concrete. She designs beautiful, handcrafted pieces for the home.

Today, Kaitlan is sharing her journey of becoming a maker.

My FWS Fall Faves

This season I'm all about neutrals, texture and pieces that really add flair to every day wear.

I love being able to wear a white tee with a pair of jeans and then put on a pair of statement earrings. They add so much to an outfit and really show off your expressive personality.

From Dirty to Clean

Have you ever put any thought into the products you use?

And when I say thought, I don't just mean about the products scent or how they work or look but REAL thought into the ingredients that make up those products.

You will be floored when you find out just how DIRTY aka far from healthy some of the things you are using in your home and on your body every day really are.

Today I'm sharing a bit about the process that's been going on in my home for quite awhile now as I'm trying to get our home from "dirty" to clean!

"The Maker" Series | Volume I: Sweet Water Decor

Meet Melissa.

She is the owner and CEO of Sweet Water Decor. A motivational and inspirational brand that shares their meaningful messages on home decor, makeup bags, mugs and stationary. They also make hand-poured candles infused with essential oils that will fill your home with such incredible scents.