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Style | Velvet Fashion

 Boy is velvet in this year!

 I so regret giving away all of my velvet pieces back when I was in my early twenties. I had this killer velvet blazer that I can't help but day dream about sometimes. Sigh. 

 As I mentioned, lately I'm all about purchasing pieces that I can wear in different ways; being able to both dress them up or dress them down. 

10 Things I'm Loving on Lately

 As the holiday season quickly approaches I find myself in work OVERLOAD lately. Totally not complaining as I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do what I absolutely love every day; but there are days where I have to actually stop myself from working and remind myself to take time to do things that I enjoy and that help me to take a breather when it's needed most.

 So today I'm taking a long coffee break to share some things that I'm loving on lately...

My Studio Refresh

Hey there luvs...

 Gosh it's been a while and lots of small but totally significant changes have happened around here so today I'm sharing one of them, my office refresh. 

Makers Blues + How I Stay Inspired

The self doubt, the fear, the days where we're fresh out of ideas, completely uninspired, wondering what in the world we're doing and if we're truly headed down the right path.

I think it's safe to say that all of those feelings and emotions sum up to what I call, Makers Blues.

It happens to the best of us and in most cases it's not just us makers. But at the end of the day, how we bring ourselves out of this funk and how we keep going is what truly makes us strong, inspiring individuals with the overall same goal... to succeed at our craft.

Essential Oils + Living Healthy

If someone asked me to name something (an actual object) that I really love my answer would probably be essential oils.

I've been using oils for several years now and they have done amazing things for myself and my family.