Hope for a New Year...

Well, the month of December is coming to an end.

I literally feel as if I snapped my fingers and the holidays just came and went. Time seems to go by so quickly these days.

I'm always on the go, everyday seems to have a to do list but for the month of December I made it a point of slowing down. It was time to take some time off to enjoy the holidays and spending quality time with my family especially with my little since he was off for winter break (and still is for a couple more days).

As 2019 knocks on my front door and yet another birthday quickly approaches (8 more days to go) I can't help but reflect on what 2018 brought. Was it a perfect year?...... of course not. If I'm speaking honestly, I don't think any are but it was a year filled with many blessings, many life lessons, accomplishments and so much more. It was a year where I feel I truly grew as a person. A year where my relationship with the Lord bloomed into something I had never experienced in my lifetime and for the first time in my life I felt redeemed. I found peace, I found freedom and learned what true self love really means and for those things I am truly grateful.

I have high hopes for 2019. Many of us like to make those New Years resolutions, in fact I used to be one of those people. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making resolutions but let's keep it real, how many of us really stand by those resolutions? We work hard on them for a couple of weeks, maybe even 2 months or so but once March comes rolling around most of us have moved on.

So for this new year I decided to write out my hopes and anticipations for 2019. No pressure, no deadlines, no commitments, just a life lived well with the anticipation of what the future holds.

Here they are...

1 | Completing my degree.

This year after 10 very long years of living in regret and disappointment, I finally made the decision to finish my degree. That decision alone lifted a weight off my shoulders that I had carried for far too long. So my hope is to complete my degree in 2019.

2 | Be a Better Mother.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm a good mama to my boy. I love that kid more then life itself. He's my everything. But there is always room for improvement with anything. So I hope that in 2019 I will continue to better myself so that I can be an even better mother. Allowing myself to be open to learning how to continue teaching my boy all that I can possibly teach him about life, growing, loving, learning and so much more.

3 | Continue my Wellness Journey.

My health has always had it's ups and downs but this year I had a scare that gave me a serious wake up call. It made me realize that this body is not to be taken for granted and that if I don't take care of it no one else will. So this year I made it a point to take charge of my wellness and the wellness of my family. I made a complete lifestyle change in removing all of the products we were using in our home and on our bodies that were filled with toxins and chemicals that are so incredibly bad for us and found healthy and safe alternatives. I changed our diets and also some what changed my view on medicine as well. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against medicine of course. As I am very aware that sometimes it is needed however I am no longer quick in my decision to have medicine always be the answer. Instead, I have made it a point in researching and learning about the many homeopathic options we have available to us in this world and I have found (and experienced) that many of those options actually heal us better and faster then any medicine had ever done before. I still have lots to learn but my hope is to continue this wellness journey, learning all that I can and implementing those things in our lifestyle for years to come.

4 | Slow Down.

As I've mentioned before I'm always on the go. I set deadlines and I put pressure on myself... A LOT. So in 2019 I hope to be better to myself. To allow myself to slow down and take a break when needed. To not put so much pressure on myself and to know that yes, if it is possible to get something done today I should do it BUT if I can't, IT'S OKAY!

5 | Be a Better Wife.

Being a mom is hard work. There are no days off and caring for my little is definitely priority #1 but it's important for me to also remember that before I became a mom I was a wife and I still am. So in 2019 I hope to be a better wife. To make it a point of making time for my husband, even if it means getting a babysitter so that he and I can enjoy quality time together. And to remember to be more patient, kind, thoughtful, loving and supportive.

6 | Have Faith.

I've got it but my hope is to strengthen it even more. To continue building on my relationship with the Lord and learning how to share that with others. To continue learning how to live as the Lord intended us to and to do all that I can as a mother to teach my son those things as well.

I've always been one to listen to my gut feeling on things and I really feel that 2019 is going to be filled with many blessings.

My hope for you is that 2019 brings you happiness, strength, laughter, faith and lots and lots of love.

Happy New Year luvs.



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