Some of my Fave IG Accounts

I love Instagram.

It's the social media account that I use the most and I honestly find it to be the most beneficial for both business and leisure.

My line up of accounts that I like to check out daily tends to change every now and then but here are some of my face IG accounts that I'm really digging lately.

Tanika / TB-Fab @tanika_nyclifestyle 

Tanika has been on my fave list for a longggggg time and she is not going any where! This girl radiates positivity like I have never seen before. I mean, you can spend 5-10 minutes watching her stories and there is no way that when you're done you won't feel so much happier. She shares home decor, cooking, fashion and NYC living at its best. Definitely a must follow account y'all!

Craftgawker @craftegawker

I love this account because it's filled with great DIY projects that anyone can tackle. I also love giving handmade Christmas presents, so this account has really been inspiring some great ideas for the holidays this year.

Emma Rae @simplyemmarae

Not only is Emma an absolutely sweetheart but I love everything about her IG account. The colors, the flow, the works! Emma shares her holistic approach to life, DIY products she makes herself that are completely toxic free and she also shares her love for Young Living essential oils which she and her hubby use to live a clean, healthy and toxic free living. I'm all about living the very same way so this account is a must on my feed.

Art Insider @insiderart

I love everything about art including the art community. There are sooooo many amazingly talented people out there in the world and Art Insider shares those talented artists on their feed. I love seeing the different types of art and what people are capable of creating with their own two hands. It's a very inspiring account I would really recommend.

Young Living Essential Oils @younglivingeo

The name of this account says it all, essential oils. Young Living is one of my favorite brands of essential oils. I love following this account because it fills my feed with tips, tricks and really helpful information about using and living a life with essential oils it in. EO's have changed my life and now that I've made these healthier changes I couldn't imagine living any other way.

Tasty @buzzfeedtasty

I've always loved following Tasty. It's a great way to get ideas and recipes for daily meals to cook. They explain everything so well which makes cooking a lot easier for me :)

Sherry & John Petersik @younghouselove

I've been following Sherry and John (yea apparently we're on a first name basis, lol) for YEARS! I love everything about their blog and IG account. I love interior design and DIY and that's what they are alllll about! And the plus is that they never fail to make me burst out laughing with their shenanigans and quirky personalities.


I love this account because of it's over simplicity. The simple life. The way things used to be (and in some cases should still be). She shares recipes, essential oils, cleaning living and much more. It's such a sweet account that I really enjoy following.

That's my round up y'all. I have tons of other kiddo accounts I follow for homeschooling, learning, etc and tons of Interior Design accounts because y'all know this girl loves design but I'll share those in a separate post another day because it's time to hit the books!

So you tell me, what IG accounts would you recommend? I love finding cool, new feeds!




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