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Boy is velvet in this year!

I so regret giving away all of my velvet pieces back when I was in my early twenties. I had this killer velvet blazer that I can't help but day dream about sometimes. Sigh. 

As I mentioned, lately I'm all about purchasing pieces that I can wear in different ways; being able to both dress them up or dress them down. 
I'm digging several different velvet pieces this season but I did however notice that I seem to be choosing the same color over and over, Crimson! It's very similar to maroon or dark red.

I love this waist-defined velvet jumpsuit. I'm thinking this is going to be my holiday outfit this year for sure. It looks so comfortable, has great reviews and the price tag is a steal!   
I seem to also be drawn to embroidery. My bathing suit this past Summer had beautiful embroidery on it. The detail was amazing. I'm crushing on this jacket, these velvet boots and this skirt big time! Maybe if I'm lucky my husband will read this blog post and add one of them to my Christmas wish list this year. Wink wink :)

How do you feel about one piece outfits? I really like them. Of course going to the bathroom is always interesting but I just feel so comfortable in them and I feel like they give you the freedom to dress them up or down. This overall dress is adorable! 

I don't tend to do the "sexy" look. It's not that I'm against it but I'm a mama and I'm always on the go and usually up and down from the floor (I have a 4 yr. old y'all). So it's hard to be sexy. Ha! But I'm thinking that New Year's is going to consist of this bodysuit with a pair of fierce black slacks and a killer pump! Y'all are probably laughing at me right now, thinking "that's sexy?!". But hey, that is one low v-neck for this mama so maybe the new year will bring some new "sexiness" to my wardrobe doubtful. Lol. 

Do you have any velvet pieces hanging in your closet right now?

Any pieces your looking to buy? Which ones?



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