I'm Going Back to College!!


It's totally happening. I'm going back to college. And yup, I'm ALL smiles about it.

Learning is a huge passion of mine. I love it. I try to make it a point of learning something new every day, even things about life in general. There is so much to be learned.

Going back to college is something I have wanted to do for quite some time now. Actually if I'm speaking honestly, I've wanted to do it for YEARS. But the timing just wasn't right. I had my lil' boy 4 years ago and although I probably could have gone to school then since I wasn't working a full time job anymore; I had a new full time job, becoming a mother. I went through a lot to have our lil guy. IVF, pregnancy complications, the works! So after our little guy was here, I just wanted to focus on being the best mother that I could be and enjoy every moment of it. They grow up so fast and I knew the possibility of having another child was probably not going to happen.

When I originally started school I pursued a degree in Interior Design. As you already know, I love design and Interior Design was something I had a lot of interest in. So I started working towards my degree but sometimes life happens and what we plan for ourselves doesn't always play out.

Years went by and it honestly ate at my soul that I hadn't completed my degree. Yes, I took courses, workshops, etc. to learn different skill sets that I could use in the field I was working in but none of that was fulfilling that feeling of accomplishment I really needed.

So, the time is now. I am going to complete my degree but this time around in Graphic Design. During these past 4 years I've grown a huge interest in branding, web design, social media management and development. I have taken several workshops and courses in this area to see if it was something I really liked and every time I left those workshops I left wanting more.

I know some may think, you're going back to school at this age?!! But here's the things. I've never felt more ready to accomplish something in my life. I am so incredibly focused and 100% determined to do this for both myself and my family. Being able to tell my son that I never gave up means so much to me. And you know what, there is no age deadline when it comes to doing ANYTHING! Go after your dreams and kick ass while you do it!



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