My Studio Refresh

Hey there luvs...

Gosh it's been a while and lots of small but totally significant changes have happened around here so today I'm sharing one of them, my office refresh. 

My prior work space wasn't so bad but it I have to admit it was a bit "busy" and it really didn't feel like a comfortable space to work in. I use a lot of different materials and tools when I'm designing jewelry so I needed a wider desk that offered the right space to accommodate all of those things. 

Simplicity was my main goal with this refresh. I wanted pieces that would allow for lots of organization without having a feeling of being surrounded by stuff

Airy, open and clean were my inspiration for this space this time around.

I think what I love most about this refresh was that I really brought own personality into this space.

I feel both comfort and productivity at the same time when I sit down to work and at the end of the day that is the type of feeling a work space should bring you.



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