10 Things I'm Loving on Lately

As the holiday season quickly approaches I find myself in work OVERLOAD lately. Totally not complaining as I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do what I absolutely love every day; but there are days where I have to actually stop myself from working and remind myself to take time to do things that I enjoy and that help me to take a breather when it's needed most.

 So today I'm taking a long coffee break to share some things that I'm loving on lately...

This year I've been big on getting rid of things we just don't need or use. I love minimalism but to a point that still allows me to both have and enjoy things I love. One thing I've been working on lately is my wardrobe. If it's not comfortable and if it isn't something that I can pair with several different outfits then I don't want it! I love this ivory fleece pullover. I could totally see me pairing this with a pair of comfy jeans but I can also picture me pairing it with leggings and my tall boots.

I've putting a lot of thought into getting a record player. I love classic pieces that tell a story from a period in time so I've been doing my research to decide exactly which one I want to go with. I really like the beautiful embossed leather details on this record player. It really gives a vintage inspired feel to it.

We recently purchased this beautiful hand crafted dining room table. I had been wanting to purchase a large family size dining room table for years so we finally found one that we loved and got it for a steal! So now I'm on the hunt for a rug to go underneath it. We need a rug that is 6x9 to fit the area perfectly. I'm debating (of course I am) between a couple of options. This one is a possibility, this one and this one. Thoughts? Which one would you go with?

I just bought these loafers in Mustard and I loveeeee them! Such a comfy shoe and I love the pop of color they give to my outfit.

The nip has definitely arrived here in NYC so I have my eyes on these tech gloves. I've never actually had a pair of tech gloves that allow you to keep them on while you use electronic devices. But I'm definitely interested to see how they work.

Am I the only one who likes to change out their throw pillows seasonally? It's such a simple change that really makes such a big difference. I love this faux fur cushion cover and this patterned cushion cover as well.

I love things that are surrounded by the meaning of family. Isn't this family tree wood slice art incredible?! Love it!

I'm trying to make it a point of trying new things. Especially creative things because they really help to get my creative juices flowing. I've always thought embroidery was so beautiful and it's always been something I wanted to try. This post on A Pretty Fix is so great because really explains the stitches well. I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

I'm literally pacing my home trying to find a place where I can hang this beauty! Isn't it amazing?!! I love the detail but I'm thinking that might be because I'm a plant lady. Ha!

There you have it. One coffee break filled with surfing the web "computer screen shopping" as I like to call it. Happy I at least got a break in. Now back to work I go!



Photo by: Amanda Lee

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