Makers Blues + How I Stay Inspired

The self doubt, the fear, the days where we're fresh out of ideas, completely uninspired, wondering what in the world we're doing and if we're truly headed down the right path.

I think it's safe to say that all of those feelings and emotions sum up to what I call, Makers Blues.

It happens to the best of us and in most cases it's not just us makers. But at the end of the day, how we bring ourselves out of this funk and how we keep going is what truly makes us strong, inspiring individuals with the overall same goal... to succeed at our craft.

My days consist of a hundred hats. I'm a stay at home mama, I'm a wife, I run a small business, I'm the cook, the cleaner, the candlestick maker ... I'm sure you get where I'm coming from. I do it all. But that can most definitely drag you down, overwhelm and uninspire.

When inspiration or an idea hits you want to be able to just jump right in and go full force but responsibilities sometimes don't allow for it. So to keep myself going, I have a hand full of things I turn to that really help keep me inspired and in the game.

A Daily + Monthly Schedule

When I can't find time to do the things I truly love doing, it leaves me feeling uninspired and with this overwhelming feeling that I am never going to achieve my goals because I don't have the time! So I have found that as the wearer of many hats, it's a lot easier to manage my days, weeks and month by having an overview of it all. It helps keep me organized, which then allows for time management and with time management I can find time to do the things I truly want to do which most definitely helps with keeping me inspired.

Dress Up + Show Up

Dress up to stay home? I know this one may sound off but I have found that I am a lot more motivated if I dress the part. I'm not talking about putting on a suit or Sunday best but there's definitely a misconception that if you work from home you can stay in your pjs or yoga pants all day (which yes you can) BUT I guarantee that you will be a lot more productive if you take the time to shower, put some clothing on, maybe a lil' makeup and then walk over to your office to get down to business!

Make Time for a Getaway

Vacations always inspire me but some of us don't the have the time or the funds for it so instead plan a day away from your desk and even further away from your phone. We are surrounded by inspiration. The beach, a garden, the park, a museum... omg I could go on and on. Use the world you were given and take it all in because I promise it will not disappoint.

Visual Inspiration

Visuals inspire me BIG TIME. That's one of the many reasons I love Instagram so much. The ability to scroll through tons and tons of visual inspiration brings a huge smile to my face. Use social media in this manner and sites such as Pinterest to scroll through photos that can inspire you and bring different ideas to your mind.

Make Art

I have found that making time to work on a DIY project or to try a new craft is incredibly inspiring. Try painting a canvas, coloring in an adult coloring book (or your 3 yr. old's coloring book, no one's judging you) or give a macrame pattern a whirl, there's so many things you could try. Open your mind to new possibilities.

Read an Inspiring Book

There are so many authors these days writing inspiring books that would make any person want to jump right up and make some moves. However, I know a lot of us (including myself) struggle to find the time to read but there's no excuse when you have Audibles! Try a book like, Make it Happen by Lara CaseyBig Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert or You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. These books will inspire the heckkkk out of yah'.

Let Others Inspire You

I love being around people that inspire me. There energy, excitement and motivation can truly be inspire your soul and totally rub off on you. So make time to be around people that bring this type of ambition to your life.

Manage Your Screen Time

You may think this has nothing to do with being inspired however it can most definitely uninspire you. I have been told (and experienced it myself) time and time again by different colleagues that social media negatively influenced they're motivation and belief in themselves and in their craft. Comparison and self-doubt can most definitely come creeping in on you when you spend way too much time on social media platforms. I would recommend using social media for business and as a visual inspiration tool.

Staying inspired is what fuels our creativity. It truly plays a huge role in a makers world and the importance of having ways to stay inspired is definitely crucial.

I hope that what I've shared today will continue to motivate and encourage the inspiration you need and search for on your personal journey to success.



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