Recent DIY's and Home Projects

Am I the only one who's literally crossing out the days on the calendar until Spring?

Gosh, I just cannot wait to finally be able to work on some outdoor projects, however I always manage to keep myself busy indoors during these brutally cold winter months where going out just isn't something you really want to do. 

So what have I been working on?

Well for starters keeping all of my plants alive; like that lavender beauty you see pictured above. She (yes, I made her a girl) does so much better outside in fresh, warm air but we have none of that to offer these days in New York. So she's sitting on my windowsill until I can get her outdoors! 

As for projects, I made this super simple wall hanging that I must say really adds a cool modern touch to our hallway. I had tons of empty walls so I thought this would be a nice touch. 

I would definitely recommend this project to anyone, even if you're not crafty. All you need is yarn and a dowel. 

I finally got around to picking up this awesome plant stand at Ikea. I love how it ties in to our decor. And my hubs even chose the plants and the planters, so that was a fun lil' project to work on together. 

I also added some throw pillows to my ridiculous pillow collection. Hey, what can I say this girl lovessss throw pillows. I think it's awesome to be able to change them out and switch um' up, it just gives a nice refreshed look to a space. I picked these two beauties up at Marshall's and Target. 

Then we have one of my fave projects that I'm so happy I finally got around to completing recently. I added these awesome DIY decorative shelves to our bathroom.

I've been working on changing all of the hardware in our bathroom from stainless steel to black so I wanted something on the wall that would compliment it. This worked out beautifully and I must say it really was an easy project. I simply figured out the size shelf I was looking for, had the wood cut at Home Depot and then brought it home and drilled the 4 holes into each piece of wood myself. Then I took some black cotton cord and strung it right through, viola! Such a fun project that really added a nice look to our bathroom.

And lastly, I changed up the florals in and around our home. A mixture of faux silver dollar eucalyptus, dried eucalyptus and some really pretty yellow dried florals to give a nice Spring feel (hey, it's around the corner so a girl can dream). And yes, that's totally a picture of my hubby when he was a kiddo shaving with his dad. Adorable right?! I love having old family photos from our childhood around our home. It just fills our home with happy memories which we both can really appreciate. 

So there you have it.. a couple of updates and projects to keep a gal on her toes.

Next, will be our balconies. We have two of them. One is small and the other is very long. The small one will probably just consist of plants and maybe a small bistro table. But the long one I have some serious plans for. I want to add some outdoor flooring, complete a DIY or two to give me some shelving for plants; particularly shelving that has a covering to it, somewhat like this. Our balcony is on the top floor so it doesn't offer much protection from the sun, so I want to have something that will cover some of our plants a bit so they don't burn. I also want to some lounge seating and a small table. What's most important to me is that it feels comfortable and welcoming. I love being outdoors so even when we're home it would be really nice to have a space where we could sit and enjoy some fresh air. I'll be sure to share specifics on both balconies design plan as I start piecing them together. 

Have you completed any projects in or around your home?

Changed up any decor?

Tell me about it?! I love to hear from y'all.




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