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Today I'm sharing yet another fabulously designed space. 

It's a great mixture of chic style and pure comfort.

I've seen tons of spaces in my lifetime that are designed well but so many lacked comfort and warmth which if you ask me is what you actually want in a home. There's nothing worse then not being comfortable in your own home.

I love everything about the space I'm featuring today. Furniture with sleek lines, a sofa with pillows that scream comfort and decor that adds chic style to bring it all together.  

Here's where you can shop the look...

1:: Sofa
2:: Cord Set + Bracket
3:: Pillows 1, 2 + 3
4:: Throw Blanket
5:: Floor Lamp
6:: Artwork (Vertical)
7:: Succulent
8:: Artwork (Horizontal)
9:: Candlestick
10:: Rustic Candle Holder
11:: Plant with Pot
12:: Sheepskin Rug
13:: Berger Chair
14:: Coffee Table
15:: Rug

There you have it; a great mixture of pieces that create a chic living space while also providing comfort at the very same time.

And here's the bonus... the pieces I chose to create the look are also really affordable, so you can easily get the look without breaking the bank!

Happy Designing!



{Credits:: Irene Sandved Lunde}


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