DIY | Hanging Plant Holder

There's nothing I love better then an easy DIY project.

Something that's quick, creative and that really adds to your space. 

Today I'm sharing some easy steps on how to make this sweet leather hanging plant holder.


- Leather Cord (about 15 yards)
- Scissors
- Scotch Tape 
- Wood Beads
- A plant of your choice

Step 1:: Cut six pieces of cord, each measuring 6 ft. long.

Step 2:: Take three pieces of cord and tape them to a flat surface.

Step 3:: Start braiding your three cords together. Just a basic braid but be sure to keep your leather cords flat as you braid them together.

Step 4:: Once your braid is completed, knot the bottom of your braid, then remove the tape and knot the top of your braid. (Note: Because I wanted my planter to have fringe on the bottom I unbraided about 12 inches of cord on both the top and bottom of my braid and then made a knot where my braid begins and ends on both ends.)

Step 5:: Repeat steps 2, 3 + 4 with the other three cords that were cut in Step 1.

Step 6:: Once you've completed your two braids, fold your braids in half lining up all of your knots.

Step 7:: Cut a small piece of cord, about 8-9 inches long and place it along all of the knots.

Step 8:: Wrap the cord around and tie a knot to secure it. This is now the bottom portion of your planter.

Step 9:: Cut another piece of cord that measures 14 inches long. Put the cord through the two braids and bring both ends of the cord together so that you can now slide your wood beads down the cord. Feel free to add however many beads you like. You can also add knots in between like I did so that you can separate the beads from each other.

Step 10:: Once you've added your beads, tie a knot at the top of your cord and voila... you're all done!

Just add your plant and hang that baby up!

I absolutely love how cute this project came out. It's simple and really added to the decor in our home.

Happy Crafting!




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