Get the Look | A Modern-Rustic Mix

It's no secret, I'm obsessed with Interior Design.

Give me a room and a run down of your style preference and I'll design heck out of that room for you. Even on a small budget.

Designing doesn't come easy to all of us but designing your home should never be a task you hate. You want to add pieces to your home that you absolutely love. Pieces that bring comfort to your home, creating an overall style that is fitting to how you and your family live. 

So to help those of you who may need some help in the interior design department, I thought it would be fun to share a "get the look" post weekly here on the blog.  

Every week I'll choose a fabulously designed space and I will tell you where you can purchase pieces just like the ones found in that photo, giving you the opportunity to give your space a similar look! 

This week's space screams comfort with a mix of modern and rustic vibes. I love the mix. There's even a touch of boho in there. This living/ dining space is airy, clean and really designed well.

Here's where you can shop the look...

3:: Pillows 1, 2 + 3
5:: Candle
7:: Sofa
8:: Tray
9:: Lantern
10:: Planter
11:: Chairs 1 + 2
13:: Basket

That's the run down y'all. Lots of awesome pieces to add to your home. 

And if you EVER have any questions or are looking for advice on designing a space in your own home don't hesitate to comment below as I'm always here to help.




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