DIY Chair Makeover | Part 1

I'm finally getting around to my chair project.

I have pushed this project to the back burner time and time again because I could never decide what I wanted to do to these chairs!

When I originally purchased them YEARS ago at Ikea my thought was to leave them unfinished. I loved the color and simplicity of the wood. However, with time unfinished wood that has no sealant begins to get dirty. Natural oils from hands touching them over and over, lil' dirty hands from a 3 yr. old and just the wear and tear of big moves from NY to NC and back have done there fair share on these bad boys. So needless to say the day has arrived when I'm finally making this DIY makeover a priority.

The question now however is what should I do to them?!

Here are a couple of options I'm bouncing around...

Option 1:: Sand and stain the chairs with an Ebony (black) Stain.

Option 2:: Paint the chairs a dark gray, perhaps with chalk paint but leave the tips of the feet unpainted just like these chairs on Pinterest.

Option 3:: Paint the chairs with black chalk paint but with a distressed look and then paint the seat with black and white stripes going horizontally.

Option 4:: Paint both chairs completely white but using chalk paint with a distressed look.

Option 5:: Paint the chairs a solid shade of black and the back of the chair (the two pieces of wood that go horizontally) paint in white and distress them.

Decisions, decisions. Here I go again with not being able to decide what I want to do to these two chairs!!

My dining table is white and the two end chairs are a minty blue-green shade. I have a black and nude rug under the dining table and everything else that surrounds the dining room is black and white.

What would you do? Which option would you go with?

Do you have another idea? Tell me about it below in the comment section.




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