A Blog for FWS

Hi there y'all and WELCOME to the Fresh Wood Studio Blog.

I'm excited to have a place to share Home Decor, DIY, behind the scenes at FWS, Style, Business Tips, Advice and my day to day living in NYC.

A blog for FWS has been on my radar for a while now. I knew it would be a great way to share my life and perspective as a maker; someone who is building a brand from the ground up.

A blog is great way to get your voice and brand out there so making this move was an important one. I've always had a blog at one point or another however keeping that blog running was always the challenge. Writers block, self-doubt, reading other blogs and thinking my posts weren't "good enough". Ugh... I tell yah' the internet can truly poison your mind if you let it. This time around things are definitely different. My #1 goal on this blog is to speak from an honest place. I have found it really difficult to find a place where makers come together and speak on the true struggles a maker has when building their brand. I mean listen, it's not all struggles and hardships starting a business. I definitely don't want anyone that is considering starting a business or brand to think that. However, having someone or a place to go to where you can connect with others that may be facing the same challenges or creating something similar to you gives you the inspiration you truly need to build an empire.

So with that said, I'm pumped to start this journey and I'm even more excited to share it with you.



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